Registration & Fees

Membership information and registration portal for Summer 2019 will be live soon!

For over 50 years Beacon Hill Pool has been a staple of summertime outdoor activity in the Beacon Hill Community.

The pool has provided families from throughout Beaconsfield and surrounding neighborhoods with a safe, fun, and friendly locale to escape the summer heat. Come for a swim or just hang with your friends. Stop by and check it out for yourself, you won't be disappointed!

Pool membership entitles the holder access to ALL swim programs except for Bronze Medallion/Cross. This includes open swim times and adult lessons for mom and dad, and lessons and team activities for the kids and teens. Other activities such as kids movie nights and adult parties may involve a small fee for snacks and such.

If you or your family is interested in joining with a summer membership check out our fees for 2018 and registration information below.

2019 Pool Membership Fees



Per household, may include one babysitter.



18 years+



55 years+



13-17 years old

Bronze Course Fees

Bronze Medallion


Bronze Medallion teaches the basic lifesaving principles of judgment, knowledge, skill, and physical fitness. Candidates learn rescue procedures for both conscious and unconscious victims. This certificate is required to take any other Lifesaving or Lifeguarding courses. Prerequisites: 13 yrs of age by time of Exam (or Bronze Star) and Gold Swim level (or equivalent).

Bronze Cross


Bronze Cross builds on the lifesaving procedures of Medallion and prepares candidates to assess dangerous areas and dangerous behaviours in order to keep aquatic facilities safe and to prevent accidents. This certificate allows candidates to work as “assistant lifeguards” and is required to take the National Lifeguard course. Prerequisite: Bronze Medallion.

How to Register

Membership information and registration portal for Summer 2019 will be live soon!