6 & Under

Coaches: Nick Lavoie, Lévi Roussel-Lustgarten, and Michelle Sveistrup

An extension of lessons, the 6 & Under program is an introduction to swim team training except a whole lot more fun! The children play games while concurrently addressing fundamental swimming skills and pool safety. Participants are also given the opportunity to compete in our Wednesday night swim meet series. 6 & Under swim team-must be able to swim one width of the pool unassisted.

Swim Lessons

Swimming lesson at Beacon Hill Pool are programmed and graded according to the Olympic Way method. There are 8 swimming levels, ranging in ability from beginner to accomplished swimmer. The requirements for each level are listed in the table below. A child must complete and exhibit proficiency at each skill level before advancing to the next.

Level Requirements for Completion
WHITE Jump from the side with bubble on, unassisted
Swim 12m with bubble on, forward swimming arms
Blow bubbles while swimming with bubble on
Swim 2m unassisted (no jump)
Back float with head assistance
YELLOW Jump in, unassisted
Demonstrate a front and back glide
Swim 12m, face in the water
Front float and back float, in assisted (5 sec)
GREEN Push off wall streamline with kick (6m)
Front crawl – 12m (face in the water and arms out, body flat at surface)
Endurance swim – 24m continuously
Backstroke kick – 12m (head back, horizontal body position)
Rolling floats
Retrieve item from the bottom of pool
RED Submerged push off into streamline kick (front)
Front crawl – 25m (steady body position, breathing to the side)
Backstroke kick – 25m (horizontal body position)
Backstroke – 12m (straight arm recovery)
BLUE Push off wall streamline position on back
Front crawl – 50m (bilateral breathing, continuous arm and leg movement)
Backstroke – 25m (continuous and alternating arms)
Breaststroke kick – 25m (proper turn out of feet)
BRONZE Front crawl – 50m (underwater arm action with catch-pull-finish)
Backstroke – 50m (shoulder roll, continuous kick)
Breaststroke – 50 m (coordination of pull-breathe-kick-glide)
Intro to Shallow Dives
Butterfly kick – 50m (legs together, “dolphin” body action)
SILVER Front crawl – 75m
Backstroke – 75m (underwater arm action with catch-pull-finish)
Breaststroke – 75m (arm action with catch-pull-finish)
Intro to Butterfly Arms
Intro to Flip Turns
GOLD Front crawl – 100m
Backstroke – 100m
Breaststroke – 100m
Butterfly – 50 m (underarm action with catch pull finish)


Coaches: TBA

Beacon Hill is a member of ALPS, the Association of Lakeshore Pools. As such, we participate in competitions organized by ALPS pools. These competitions range from duals, such as weekly swim meets versus another local pool, to sections, to entire association competitions. They are fun, exciting, friendly, and challenging for kids of all skill levels and a variety of age groups. Beacon Hill competes in swimming, synchronized swimming, waterpolo and diving.

Leaders Program

Supervisors: Brianna Nellis, Brooklyn Carson, Ben Lebrun, Tommy Connors

A leadership development program for members 11 years of age and older designed to introduce participants to skills and responsibilities essential for pool operations and safety. These include gate guarding, general maintenance, and event planning, as well as mentoring younger swimmers and assisting with lessons. Leaders also participate in a variety of games, activities and outings to promote social interaction and relationships with their peers. Leaders meet once per week to discuss and plan future events.

Adult Lessons & Masters

Instructors: Michelle Sveistrup, Ben Lebrun

Our adult and masters swim program offer swimmers of all skill levels a unique aquatic experience during the hot summer months both in and out of the pool. Enjoy a leisurely lane swim, work on technique, or train for that next big race. Surround yourself with like-minded individuals, meet new people and benefit from decades of collective swimming and training experience.

Instructors: Nic Lebrun, Jessie Murchie

For teens who have completed their Swimming Lessons and are interested in learning basic and advanced lifesaving techniques, Beacon Hill Pool offers Bronze Medallion and Bronze Cross Lifesaving courses.

Bronze Medallion teaches the basic lifesaving principles of judgment, knowledge, skill, and physical fitness. Candidates learn rescue [procedures for both conscious and unconscious victims. This certificate is required to take any other Lifesaving or Lifeguarding courses. Prerequisites: 13 yrs of age by time of Exam (or Bronze Star) and Gold Swim level (or equivalent).

Bronze Cross builds on the lifesaving procedures of Medallion and prepares candidates to assess dangerous areas and dangerous behaviours in order to keep aquatic facilities safe and to prevent accidents. This certificate allows candidates to work as “assistant lifeguards” and is required to take the National Lifeguard course. Prerequisite: Bronze Medallion.

Note: Additional fees for exams and equipment will apply.

Registration forms: English | Français