Pool Rules & Regulations

Beacon Hill Pool is community-owned and operated under the following rules, regulations, and municiple by-laws.

Admission and guests
All members must provide a passport sized photo to be kept on file at the pool. Adult photos should be updated a minimum of every 5 years and children photos every 2 years. Photographs of regular babysitters should be included with those of the family. Upon entrance to the pool, photos will be checked by leaders or lifeguards to ensure that all people using the pool are members. Any person who is accompanied by a member may come to Beacon Hill pool as a guest. The admission price is 3$ per person and all guest must sign in upon entrance to pool. Each guest is permitted a maximum of 3 visits. After that, we hope that they enjoy the pool so much they will become members! Special arrangements can be made for long term visitors from out of town.
Age Restriction for Children Unaccompanied by an Adult
Children under 10 years of age must be accompanied by an adult including during lessons and team practices. Babysitters must be at least 14 years of age or older.
Baby pool
Beacon Hill Pool will post a Lifeguard in the Baby Pool area to increase pool safety. This practice is also being done in other Beaconsfield Outdoor pools. This will ensure that we are compliant with Beaconsfield City Outdoor Pool Regulations and with our own Insurance liabilities. Although the Baby pool will be open to members for most of the pool's opening hours (see schedule) it will generally be closed when Beacon Hill hosts a swim meet, water polo games, diving meets, and most social events. AT NO TIME CAN A CHILD BE LEFT ALONE WITH A LIFEGUARD.
Inflatables and toys
Inflatables and other toys are not permitted in the 25 meter pool, except during Rubber Ducky swim. Balls can be obtained from the lifeguards upon request and are dependant upon availability. Water polo balls may only be used during teen swim. Toys are permitted in the baby pool.

Please remember that the use of any flotation device is not a substitute proper supervision. When allowed children must wear a government-approved flotation device. Water wings or a bum bubble do not float the child in a position which prevents water form entering their mouth if unattended. This reduces the chance of an unintended incident due to inattention. There are two life jackets available to borrow. Please inquire at the guard shack.
Certified lifejackets may be used during free swim if an adult of 18 years or older is within arm reach at all times. One adult may not have more than 2 children in lifejackets with them in the water at one time. Inflatable arm supports, bubbles and swim suits with inserted flotation panels are not permitted.
In order to be a good neighbor, please use the parking lot on the west side of the building belonging to Beacon Hill school. The area on the east side of the chalet is to be kept clear of cars at all times for emergency purposes.
All bicycles must be placed in the bicycle racks provided. We recommend the use of bike locks and ask that the area near the chalet and stairs be kept free of bicycles.
Refunds and membership cancellation
After the pool opens for the season, there are no cancellations of membership. Partial refunds may be possible if a family is moving or experiences a sudden illness.
Health regulations
  1. Members should shower before entering the pool
  2. No one with open sores, skin disease or communicable disease may use the pool
  3. No spitting, urinating or nose-blowing in the pool
  4. No smoking in the pool, on deck or in the dressing rooms
  5. No glass containers at the pool. Please restrict food to the grass area
  6. Streets shoes may be worn on the pool deck away from the pool, outside the blue line
  7. No animals are allowed inside the pool fence
  8. Diapers may not be worn in the water. Swimming diapers are required for non-potty trained infants and toddlers
  9. Waste must be placed in the garbage cans or recycling boxes
Safety rules
  1. Do not run or push on the pool deck
  2. Do not dive or jump from the sides of the pool. Diving is permitted in the deep end
  3. The high diving board is for members of 9 years of age or older
  4. Only one person at a time is permitted on the diving board. Do not leave the board until the preceding diver reaches the ladder
  5. Swimming is not permitted in the deep end when it is being used for diving
  6. Do not talk to or distract the lifeguards while they are on chair
  7. The stairs leading to the upper lifeguards office must be kept clear at all times
  8. Children are not permitted on deck during adult swim except in the wading pool area
  9. Skateboards, rollerblades, roller shoes, scooters and bikes may not be used in the pool area
Lifeguard whistle signals
  • 1 short whistle-infraction, please look at the lifeguard
  • 2 short whistles-minor emergency
  • 3 short whistles-major emergency, stop and listen to the lifeguard’s instructions
  • 1 long whistle-end of swim period, clear the pool Emergency pool clearing drills may occur from time to time
  1. Courtesy for others is expected from all. Profanity will not be tolerated
  2. Any member found defacing or destroying property belonging to the Beacon Hill Swimming Pool Club will be suspended
  3. Any regulation not previously dealt with shall be left to the discretion of the pool managers